Firm Services

Firm Services

My practice emphasizes, but is not limited to, the law as it intersects small businesses (especially early stage start-ups) and their stakeholders.
I personally deliver concierge Chief Legal Officer services (also characterized as general counsel services) to my clients without the many drawbacks of bringing attorneys on payroll, in-house.

When clients hire me, I apply not only my legal knowledge, but also my skills and expertise I accrued in operations and finance at the world’s largest accounting firm, airline, and bank, bolstered by my insights from forming and growing my own start-ups.

Start-up founders particularly appreciate this confluence of experience and find it a tremendous value as compared with the costs of onboarding one or more “consultants,” attorneys, accountants, and tax advisors.

Clients enjoy direct access to me (without a middle man, assistant, or go-between) by cell (including after-hours by call and text), email, and FaceTime, recognizing that start-ups and their principals routinely need access to their counsel outside the nine-to-five.

I assist start-ups and small businesses to grow and protect their interests. Among other things, I assist clients with:

  • • entity selection
  • • business formation
  • • operating agreements
  • • term sheets
  • • employment agreements
  • • compensation planning
  • • license agreements
  • • consulting agreements
  • • crisis management
  • • contract negotiations
  • • joint ventures
  • • non-compete and non-solicitation agreements
  • • regulatory analysis and planning
  • • business tax planning (international, federal, state, and local)
  • • stock purchase agreements, options, and issuance plans
  • • start-up funding (e.g., angel, seed, and Series A rounds), and the
  • • protection of trade names and ideas

Because I am an attorney and also a CPA, I bring to the table a dual-view, delivering deep subject matter knowledge of financial reporting, accounting, and analysis.

My practice also provides strategic advisory and counsel for real estate and business ventures at every stage: ideation, iteration, growth, and exit.

Unlike many other firms and legal services providers, I prioritize the development of long-term working relationships with my clients in lieu of piecemeal, “one-off” transactions.

I am also available face-to-face locally and globally to serve my clients, depending upon their unique needs.

In this sense, I enmesh myself with founders and their teams and offer many of the benefits of in-house counsel without the unaffordable price tag.

If you prefer, email me instead.